What Is a Devonshire Tea?

What is a Cream or Devonshire Tea?

A Cream tea, Devonshire tea or Cornish cream tea, is tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream and jam.

The name "Devonshire tea" comes from the of Devon in England, where it is a local specialty. The exact origin of "cream tea" is disputed, although there is evidence to suggest that the tradition of eating bread with cream and jam already existed at Tavistock Abbey in Devon in the 11th century.

There are regional variations within England as to how a cream tea should preferably be eaten. The Devonshire (or Devon) method is to split the scone in two, cover each half with clotted cream, and then add strawberry jam on top. Traditionally it is important that the scones be warm (ideally, freshly baked), that clotted cream (not whipped) is used, and that the jam be strawberry (although raspberry jam is sometimes used as an alternative). Butter should never be included, and the tea should be served with milk.

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